Botulax 200iu


Since 2016 Botox – a well known product for correcting mimic wrinkles has received an analogue manufactured by Hugel, Inc., South Korea. This product is also a muscle relaxant of peripheral action and is produced according to standard technologies. It smoothes mimic wrinkles in different facial areas and eliminates Venus’ rings on the neck.
Includes 2 presents:
Saline 0.9% NaCl 20ml- 1ea
U100 Syringe 1ml 30g 10ea
Main advantages:
Experts consider Botulax 200 an ideal alternative to Botox. It has three advantages over other similar products:
  1. It is safe and has minimal side effects
  2. It starts acting in just a few hours after the injection. The resulting effect is visible following 3-7 days.
  3. It is a complete analogue to Botox, and is cheaper.
Purpose of product usage
The product is used for denervation of mimic face muscles.
It is injected into the following areas:
  • eyebrow area – smoothes vertical wrinkles;
  • circulareye muscles  – eliminates “crow’s feet”;
  • muscles near the mouth – eliminates wrinkles, corrects the shape of the lips (uneven bends caused by spasms);
  • neck muscles – removes Venus’s rings.
Besides, this muscle relaxant restores the harmonious face proportions and prevents static wrinkles formation.
200 units
30 g (without ice)
South Korea
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